Here is a gallery of some of our fave film photos! Film photos will capture your wedding as a snap shot in time never to be forgotten. You can’t go wrong with film and even if you do, it makes for a better photo. Shooting film has always been close to our hearts, core memories from our New York trips were captured on film photos and we will forever be obsessed.
When I (Sammy) was studying photography my absolute fave thing to do was take and develop film and that passion has translated into my love for capturing love on film.

Every couple we photograph is different and unique in their own way, all with different love stories and vibes, and the same goes for film! That's why we adore it, it's a true reflection of the bride and groom's uniqueness and just like our couples, no film photo will ever be the same as the last.

We love its perfectly imperfect grainy composure and it’s ability to bring your wedding day to life makes our hearts sing!
If you're interested in having us shoot some film at your wedding get in touch as we have a film packages available.