A little about us

HI, I'M sammy

We're Sammy & Tom,

Two lovers (newly fiance's) from Perth, Western Australia who are obsessed with each other & obsessed with capturing crazy stupid love.

If we aren't shooting weddings, you'll find us at home cuddling our boy George (mini dachshund), getting a coffee in Freo, watching re runs of The Office or day dreaming about our home away from home NYC.

Tom loves skateboarding, painting and going to the cinema’s & Sammy loves guitar hero, fresh flowers and karaoke. We’re both home bodies who love the smell of rain, listening to our vinyl collection and buying vintage film camera’s.

We’ve been inseparable for 10 years and have been photographing lovers together for 8 years together and wouldn’t have it any other way!

& this is tom

George & Rex

TV: Entourage
Movie: Home Alone 2
Season: Winter
Film: Super 8mm Kodak 50D
Location: NYC
Food: Anything Italian
Coffee: Cappuccino + 1 sugar
Cocktail: Amaretto Sour
Song: Tonight, Tonight-Smashing Pumpkins


TV: The Office
Movie: My Best Friends Wedding
Season: Winter
Film: 35mm Kodak Portra 
Location: NYC
Food: Nanna's Sunday lunch
Coffee: Cappuccino + Caramel
Cocktail: Margarita 
Song: Roxanne-The Police



Our photography style is a mix of romantic, whimsical and documentary. This allows us to capture your wedding day as organically as possible. We're physically and emotionally present for every moment of your day, from your pre wedding nerves at prep to the excitement of your first dance. 
Sammy is ya main gal on the day and Tom is the second shooter capturing your love fest from alternative angles! 

We're typically both behind the scenes going unnoticed, photographing all the unseen and little in between moments that we love capturing the most.

"followers of natural light,


Tom and I (Sammy) have always had a passion for taking photos. When I was younger I was always had my trusty izone camera in hand-nothing much has changed, I always have my favourite camera with me. In our everyday lives we love capturing all the special moments, from cosey pics with our doggos to Nanna’s backyard flowers. After 8+ years together, we are big believers of true love and it is a huge privilege to be able to see others experience the same as us. The excitement we have for capturing real imperfectly perfect memories will extend to your wedding day.

The story of your love fest will be told through your photos and you can relive your day over and over again. This makes post-wedding blues a little less of a drag and makes family and friends who couldn’t make it (COVID 🙁) still feel a part of your day. We love capturing candid moments and just letting you be you!

"We are not your average wedding photographers, we capture just as it is, no awkward poses, just crazy stupid love."


Obsessed with capturing
crazy stupid love

No story is the same. Yours will be told organically through your photos.

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